Is It Too Late To Learn Piano? The Unbiased Truth From Experts

Is It Too Late To Learn Piano?

Are you worried that it might be too late for you to learn piano? Well, fear not! The guys at Alamo Music Center,  believe that it is never too late to start your musical journey. In this video, they address the question of …

12 Bar Blues Piano for Beginners - SING & PLAY

12 Bar Blues Piano for Beginners

Learn how to sing & play the 12 bar blues for beginners on piano with Jason Zac. Learn the 12 bar blues chord progression and song form (phrase structure) with singing and piano accompaniment.

How Adults Can Learn Piano Quickly - 7 tips

7 Tips for How Adults Can Learn Piano Quickly

This video is for all adult piano beginners out there. I talk about 7 tips to help you learn piano efficiently and stay motivated. Learning piano is only for kids, right? Wrong! Learning piano in adulthood is an enriching and…

Can you teach yourself piano? - 5 mistakes and how to avoid them

Can You Teach Yourself the Piano? 5 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Can you learn to play piano by yourself? Yes, you can, but it’s going to be In this video you’ll discover the top 5 pitfalls which await someone like yourself, who wants to teach himself or herself to…

How To Practice Piano To Get Results FAST

How To Practice Piano To Get Fast Results

This video is about how to practice piano to get results In this tutorial Jazer shares with everyone, 3 things you have to do every time you practice to maximize the results you can get in that practice…

The Most Common Mistake Piano Beginners Make

The Most Common Mistakes Beginner Piano Players Make

Do you ever wonder how some can easily learn a whole piano piece in just weeks while it takes months for most to learn? In this lesson, we will talk about poor piano practices and three ways to correct this.…

7 Techniques Piano Beginners Don't Spend Enough Time On

7 Important Techniques for Beginner Piano Players

Have you just started learning how to play the piano or have come back to it after many years of not playing or practising? This video lesson tutorial outlines a checklist every beginner (and even intermediate) piano player should take…

5 Concepts Piano Beginners Must Understand To Learn Fast

5 Tips to Help Beginner Piano Players Learn Faster

Many times I wish I had a time machine and have a redo of my piano lessons. Now that I am a piano and music teacher, I have come to realise that I have missed out on important aspects in…