5 Tips to Help Beginner Piano Players Learn Faster

Watch Video for 5 Tips That Will Help You Learn Faster

“Many times I wish I had a time machine and could have a redo of my piano lessons. Now that I am a piano and music teacher, I have come to realize that I have missed out on important aspects in learning the piano.”

In this video, Jazer talks about these items that you should prioritize and use to improve your piano learning journey.

1. The first thing Jazer mentions is the importance of understanding chord structure. He explains that learning chords is like learning how to build simple structures with legos, which can then be used to build more complex pieces.

2. The second thing Jazer mentions is the AAR (Absolute Accuracy Rule) practice method, which involves being completely aware of and focused on the notes being played.

3. The third he mentions is the importance of learning music theory, which can help to improve sight-reading ability and overall understanding of music.

4. The fourth thing is the importance of having a good posture and hand position when playing the piano.

5. The fifth and final thing is the importance of setting goals and practicing regularly in order to make progress.

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0:30 Priority Number 1
2:57 Priority Number 2
6:30 Priority Number 3
9:10 Priority Number 4
11:37 Priority Number 5

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