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Many years ago (decades actually) I learned classical piano as a child.

I’ve often thought that one day I would get back into playing the piano again.

I feel like there is a big blank spot in my brain though. I remember very little. Despite getting to a fairly advanced level of the Trinity College of London course in classical piano.

Well… the day to start relearning piano has finally come.

My very generous children recently bought me a digital piano. They’ve been listening to me for years, telling them how I used to play. Now they want to see it for themselves.

Fortunately with YouTube, there are plenty of tutorials and tips to help with learning or relearning piano/keyboard.

There are also some really good online courses and apps available too.

My son (who also has a keyboard) bought himself the popular online course, Piano For All. It’s probably the most affordable keyboard/piano course there is. So a good place to start. This course is especially recommended for adult students, who want to learn quickly.

I have also been working my way through the course. I’m really enjoying it and it’s helping to trigger old memories.

You can read my full review and find out what I think of it here:

Pianoforall Review: Piano Lessons Online for Adults (2023 Update)

my digital piano with the pianoforall course open on a tablet on the music stand

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