Hi there! My name is Debbie.

Welcome to PianosRock.com

Many years ago (decades actually) I learned classical piano as a child.

I’ve often thought that one day I would get back into playing the piano again.

I feel like there is a big blank spot in my brain though. I remember very little. Despite getting to a fairly advanced level of the Trinity College of London course in classical piano.

Well… the day to start relearning piano has finally come.

My very generous children recently bought me a digital piano. They’ve been listening to me for years, telling them how I used to play. Now they want to see it for themselves.

Fortunately with YouTube, there are plenty of tutorials and tips to help with learning or relearning piano/keyboard.

There are also some really good online courses and apps available too.

My son (who also has a keyboard) bought himself the popular online course, Piano For All. It’s probably the most affordable keyboard/piano course there is. So a good place to start. This course is especially recommended for adult students, who want to learn quickly. I’m looking forward to working my way through it as well.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you find it helpful. Return often as I will be adding lots over the coming weeks.