5 Tips for Learning Piano Faster

Learn Piano Faster with these 5 tips:

1. Practice SLOW

People often rush through their practice or think by playing faster and faster, they are getting better at the instrument. This often results in not developing proper technique and eventually muddling up your notes. By learning to play slowly, you learn how to play properly.

2. Find a Teacher

A teacher or mentor can save you years of trial and error, diagnose and fix your technical problems from the very beginning. He or she can also keep you accountable for your progression.

3. Use a Practice Journal

Consistent practice can be difficult sometimes. If you keep a log of your practice everyday, you will be able to better visualize your progress and routine and therefore help you stay consistent with practice.

4. Learn Easy Versions First

Getting to a proficient level in piano playing will take years. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait years before attempting the pieces/songs that you like. Look for easy versions and start learning them to stay motivated and have fun while doing them!

5. Jam With Others!

Learning to play the piano can be a lonely process sometimes. Finding other musicians to jam with together will help you to develop into a better musician and have fun while doing so!

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