12 Bar Blues Piano for Beginners

Learn How to Sing & Play the 12 Bar Blues for Beginners on Piano with Jason Zac

This is Part A of Jason Zac’s 3-part series on Blues Piano

Part A: 12 Bar Blues Piano for Beginners

Understanding the 12 bar blues chord progression and song form (phrase structure) with singing and piano accompaniment. We break down the chords, their shapes and develop a simple but effective rhythm pattern to accompany our vocals with a Blues classic, “I’m Tore Down”

Part B: The Best Blues Piano Patterns for Both Hands

Develop a solid Blues foundation by learning a Left hand and Right-hand chord pattern used in almost every single Blues Rock hit. Also, understand swing and develop a solid method to counting blues rhythms

Part C: How to Create a Blues Solo on Piano

Learn how to form the Blues scales from their respective pentatonic scales (Major & Minor) and then learn how to create a melodic and lyrical Piano solo over the 12 bar blues form

00:00 – Blues Performance
01:01 – Topics covered in the Blues series
02:33 – The 3 chords used for the Blues
03:19 – Chord shapes & inversions
04:51 – 12 Bar Blues Chord Progression on Piano
10:05 – Phrase Structure A-A’-B
11:31 – Let’s sing “I’m Tore Down”
13:47 – Conclusion and Part 2 prelude

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