12 Bar Blues Piano for Beginners

Learn How to Sing & Play the 12 Bar Blues for Beginners on Piano with Jason Zac

Part A – https://youtu.be/DtH5pDjc0Cg

Understanding the 12 bar blues chord progression and song form (phrase structure) with singing and piano accompaniment. We break down the chords, their shapes and develop a simple but effective rhythm pattern to accompany our vocals with a Blues classic, “I’m Tore Down”

Part B: https://youtu.be/0lWwA6Kr9Mc

Develop a solid Blues foundation by learning a Left hand and Right-hand chord pattern used in almost every single Blues Rock hit. Also, understand swing and develop a solid method to counting blues rhythms

Part C: https://youtu.be/Ewwa-0L3u_g

Learn how to form the Blues scales from their respective pentatonic scales (Major & Minor) and then learn how to create a melodic and lyrical Piano solo over the 12 bar blues form

00:00 – Blues Performance
01:01 – Topics covered in the Blues series
02:33 – The 3 chords used for the Blues
03:19 – Chord shapes & inversions
04:51 – 12 Bar Blues Chord Progression on Piano
10:05 – Phrase Structure A-A’-B
11:31 – Let’s sing “I’m Tore Down”
13:47 – Conclusion and Part 2 prelude

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