Polyrhythm Piano Challenge (3 against 2) Coordination Exercise

Polyrhythm Piano Challenge (3 against 2). This is a challenge or exercise that all pianists can try.

It is playing 3 notes in the right hand while playing 2 notes in the left hand. Can you coordinate your hands to do this?

This video Jazer shows you how to do a simple polyrhythm piano exercise.

This exercise was originally found in another hand coordination video where he gave you 10 exercises to do. Check that video out here:

Play with 2 hands on piano (Practice these 10 easy exercises)

In this lesson:

1. 1 against 1
2. 2 against 1
3. 3 against 2 (The actual challenge for this video)
4. Body Percussion (to feel and understand the beat)
5. Polyrhythm challenge

Jazer Lee YouTube

Debbie Lee

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