Play The Piano With Both Hands (A Beginner’s Guide)

One of the BIGGEST struggles with playing the piano is to get your hands to listen to each other and your brain.

It’s like they have a mind of their own. Check out some of these comments from Pianote’s Hand Independence lesson (

“My problem is my left-hand thinks he’s the right hand.” – budzie budzie
“Who else’s brain malfunctions every time you try using both hands?” – Sebas 18

Sound like you? Well, you are not alone! This is tough stuff, especially for adult learners, because we think we should be able to do it easily.

In this video Lisa starts from the beginning and shows you some tips that are really simple, so you can start playing with both hands and feel good about it.

Here they are:

– Five-tone scale
– The full scale
– Triads and inversions

If you don’t quite “get” inversions right now, watch this lesson:

Pianote YouTube

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