3 Tips on Learning and Mastering Piano Scales FAST

Here are 3 tips on how to learn and master your piano scales and have fun with it:

1. Stop at the octave marks

You can play an octave, but when you try to play more than one, it messes up. Why? Your fingers are confused about how to go from one octave to the next. Stopping at the octave marks will give you brain time to think about which notes are coming next. After doing this more, you will eventually be able to play through many octaves without the pauses.

2. Descending first, then Ascending

FACT: Descending is often not as practiced as Ascending. Start with descending and then end with ascending to balance the level of proficiency out and challenge your brain to think about it in a different way.

3. Practice BLIND

Playing scales with your eyes closed will help you really understand how the scale feels in your fingers. It will challenge you and upon conquering this challenge, your scales will be stronger.

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